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Anarghya Communications presents a comprehensive pet care web application, meticulously designed to optimize the operations of pet care services. This project comprises various modules including user, vendor, doctor, admin, report generation, and seamless payment integration. Each module serves a distinct purpose, facilitating efficient management and enhancing user experience.

Technologies Used:  Java, Spring Boot, REST API, Maven, MySQL, Spring Data JPA, Postman & React Js



User Module


Payment Integration


Vendor Module


Doctor Module


Appointment Management


Medical Records




Admin Dashboard

Key Challenges:

Key Challenges in Pet Care Web Application Development:

  • Integration of Multiple REST APIs: Difficulty in seamlessly integrating various REST APIs from different modules, leading to potential data inconsistencies and operational inefficiencies.

  • Managing Complex Business Logic: Handling intricate business logic requirements across different modules, which may result in code complexity and maintenance challenges.

  • Payment Gateway Integration: Challenges in integrating payment gateways securely and ensuring smooth transaction processing, including handling different payment methods and security protocols.

Solutions implemented:

Thorough API Documentation and Testing: Addressed integration challenges by meticulously documenting APIs and conducting comprehensive testing to ensure seamless communication between modules.

Modular Architecture Design: Implemented a modular architecture approach to manage complex business logic effectively, ensuring scalability and ease of maintenance.

Secure Payment Integration Framework: Developed a robust framework for integrating payment gateways, incorporating encryption and authentication mechanisms to safeguard user data and transactions.


  • Seamless integration of multiple REST APIs

  • Modular architecture design for scalability

  • Secure payment integration framework

  • Streamlined processes and reduced errors

  • Improved user experience with a friendly interface

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